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Deep-rooted printing knowledge and a reputation for excellence.

From humble beginings to fully integrated print services

For nearly 50 years, Ampersand has been a trusted family business, dedicated to serving the needs of our clients. It all began in 1975 when Mike McDonald founded Ampersand with a vision to support the local book printing and publishing market. We started by collaborating with talented local authors and artists, providing them with high-quality printing services to bring their creations to life. As time went on, Ampersand’s reputation for excellence grew, leading the company into the world of commercial printing.

Today, we are proud to have Damian McDonald as our President, a natural leader who grew up in the company. While Damian initially pursued a different path in computer programming, fate eventually brought him back to Ampersand. After gaining valuable experience in California’s tech industry, Damian merged his technological expertise with his deep-rooted printing knowledge. His vision and skill set allowed Ampersand Printing to embrace automation and optimize digital processes, enabling the company to remain competitive in an ever-evolving global market without compromising the quality that defines the Ampersand name.

I want to help our customers succeed, by streamlining the print and packaging related activities outside of their area of expertise so they can focus on what they do best, without worrying about things falling off the rails. I believe that if we can do that well, we will build longstanding and mutually beneficial relationships.

-Damian McDonald, President



In 2008, Ampersand embarked on a new chapter with the expansion of our state-of-the-art facility. This expansion was a significant addition to our capabilities, capacity, and services. In addition to our core printing services, we offer custom packaging, rigid box packaging, mailing, warehousing, and fulfillment services. With this comprehensive service offering, we empower our clients to streamline their supply chains, minimize touch points, simplify project management complexities, and accelerate time to market. We understand the importance of efficiency and collaboration in today’s fast-paced business environment, and our expanded services reflect our commitment to providing end-to-end solutions. 

Then again sixteen years later, in 2023 we acquired another print business—and doubled our capacity. It’s exciting times for Ampersand and our clients as we continually work to expand our capabilities to serve you better. 

Our team of skilled professionals is passionate about delivering exceptional results, no matter the size or complexity of the project. We pride ourselves on fostering strong relations with our clients, understanding their unique requirements, and tailoring our services to meet their specific needs.

When you choose Ampersand, you choose a partner who is deeply committed to doing a superb job, and getting it done on time and on budget.

Our clients often refer to us as a partner, not just a vendor.

If you’re seeking:

  • The confidence knowing that every print job, no matter how complex, will be produced to an exceptionally high standard
  • The convenience of having a single point of contact for all your printing, custom packaging, mailing, and fulfillment requirements
  • The strategic advantage of being able to tap into a wellspring of innovative print ideas that support the success of your campaigns
  • The gift of saved time, no longer squandered on juggling multiple suppliers or getting lost in the small details of execution
  • The peace of mind that comes from collaborating with a company well known in the market for its exceptional service
  • The benefit of flawlessly executed print and marketing materials that elevate your reputation within your company or with your clients
  • The consistent representation of your brand across all types of product, and over time

Then look no further.

We pride ourselves on delivering all of this and more. We’re here to take the weight off your shoulders.

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