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We start with best-in-class North American lithography and combine it with state-of-the-art European case making equipment to create absolutely gorgeous rigid boxes—perfect for high end product presentation and brand promotion.

Captivate your customers, elevate your brand

We produce some of the best-looking printed boxes in the world. That’s not hyperbole; we combine best-in-class North American lithography with state-of-the-art European case making equipment to create absolutely gorgeous rigid boxes—perfect for high end product presentation and brand promotion. It’s a specialty that we’ve spent a lot of time and effort perfecting, and it makes us rather unique. 

DD Two Boxes
Exterior Shot

Rigid box packaging is a rather unique product in the printing world—you don’t see this very often, and very, very rarely on-shore.

Rigid paper boxes are perfect for high-end product presentation, product launches, branding kits, press kits, gift boxes—wherever beautifully presented contents adds to the value and improves the quality and elevates the experience of using it. A beautiful, artfully designed and elegantly printed rigid box will set your product or service apart and make you stand out from the crowd. These are different, and they get attention. 

And they aren’t as expensive as you think.

What is a rigid box?

You may not be familiar with the term “rigid box”, but you’ve seen them. Rigid box refers to a specific type of paper box packaging, often referred to as a setup box or book box.

Unlike folding cartons or corrugate packaging, this style of box has a very high level of finish and is durably constructed to last years. The core is made of chipboard up to 120 points (about 3 mm) thick, and can be wrapped with printed sheets from our litho press, or other printed and finished wraps (like fabric, for instance).

Setup Box
Setup Box

A setup box is like an iPhone box, puzzle box or game box, where there are two pieces; a rigid base tray and a rigid top that sleeves over the tray. 

Book Box
Book Box

A book box is similar in that it has a tray of similar construction to a setup box, but instead of a traditional lid, it has a 'book-like' cover that wraps around the tray and closes magnetically.

The end result is a three-dimensional box that looks terrific and presents its contents very, very nicely.

BlueBox Closed BlueBox Stage

This is top-of-the-line packaging appropriate for expensive products, high-end brands, or anything where the quality of the physical presentation is paramount. If you are looking for a highly engaging way to present your product or brand, there is simply nothing better than a rigid box—and we make excellent rigid boxes. 

And you don’t have to go overseas with the inevitable long timelines, shipping delays, and chancy quality control. Our clients work with us because we produce everything in our plant here in North America—in Guelph, Ontario, in fact. Our production timelines are short, our quality is second to none, and our pricing is competitive.

You have questions, we have answers—including the critical one: “How much does this cost and how long will it take?” Get in touch with us, and our experienced team will discuss the ins and outs of rigid box production and how Ampersand will approach your project.

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Equipment List

Mitsubishi Diamond 3000LX

  • 28” x 40” 6 Colour + Aqueous Coater, with a printable image area of 27” x 39”
  • Complete air transfer system ensures mark free printing and enables us to print on a wide range of substrates from onion skin to 40pt board and plastics at speeds up to 16,000 sheets per hour
  • Fully automated and integrated to Ampersand’s award winning JDF digital workflow
  • First in North America to be fully JDF integrated to both Prepress and MIS (Management Information System)
  • Fully automated print control system monitors print quality and colour making adjustments automatically as required

Peroni Ruggero Boxwrap 24

  • For wrapping of setup boxes
  • Fully automated setup
  • Tooling manufactured in-house, reducing cost for short runs
  • Able to produce boxes up to 9.5” high, ideal for 2 piece bottle sleeves

Peroni Ruggero PWS

  • Automated case wrapping/lining machine
  • Laminate 1 to 5 pieces of board to a litho printed label and turn in all 4 edges
  • For making game boards, hard covers, puzzle boards and book box covers
  • Also used to laminate litho labels to corrugate for short run corrugated packaging

Zund G3 XXXL 10’ x 10’ CNC Cutting Table

  • Digital die-cutting, creasing and routing
  • Wide array of capabilities
  • Kiss cut vinyl stickers
  • Die-cut & crease short run packaging
  • Contour cutting signage and displays (foam core, coroplast, corrugate)
  • Custom cutting foam
  • Engrave or route wood, acrylic, aluminum etc.